Meet Dr. Torie

Meet Carolyn

Dr. Viktoria "Torie" Cox certainly brings a refreshing artistic flare to dentistry. It is apparent that she puts so much love into her practice from the comfort of the waiting room, to the warmth and genuine kindness she shows each and every patient. Dr. Torie truly treats the "whole person".

Dr. Torie is a Munster High School graduate. She attended St. Mary's of Notre Dame for undergraduate studies and received her Doctoral Degree in Dental Medicine from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in 2008.

There are several things that set Dr. Torie apart from other dental practitioners in Northwest Indiana. She is the premier "Green" dentist in the region. The practice uses biodegradeable disposable products whenever possible. They also reduce the amount of waste we throw away by participating in a recycling program through Orthodontic Specialists.

Dr. Torie also takes a "holistic" approach to dentistry, in that she treats the "whole person" and understands there is a systemic connection between the mouth and the rest of the body for overall wellness. Dr. Torie offers fluoride free options for patients who do not prefer it. She is also committed to prevention education for patients to benefit oral health and wellness.

When Dr. Torie is not fighting cavities as a dental super hero, she enjoys attending continuing education courses, seeing music shows and antiquing with her husband Tony and playing with her puppy Homer.